Project 03:
Hannanymous Now Live

Web Development for Freelance Photographer

Project Overview

Hannanymous based in Orlanda, Florida. Shooting for the likes of The Weeknd and Kanye West requried a bespoke website which was unique to any photography site ever before.

Project Goals

The goals for Hannanymous.com were to create and curate a photography portfolio like no other, it was meant to capture the audience and create a feeling of the viewer being at the site of where the photo was taken.


The outcome of the site was great, with a lot of traction in the first day hitting over 1000 visits within less than 24 hours. The end product was a interactive site which stood out and wowed every single person and pushed the boundaries for photography portfolios. As the site continues to gain support, development will be improved to be even better along the way.

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